Here at Pristeam Products, we realized that it is incredibly inconvenient for people to deal with wrinkled clothing while traveling, but is always a problem. It is very rare for a person to arrive at their destination and have no wrinkles in their clothing, after being packed in their suitcase for hours. When traveling for business, we do not always have the time to iron our clothes or send them out for dry cleaning, not to mention the additional expense. Who wants to spend their first day of vacation ironing their clothes, when they could be on the beach. This is why InstaSteam was created. InstaSteam provides a unique, simple and cost effective way to remove wrinkles in your clothing. Flatter than your favorite novel, InstaSteam can virtually fit in your suitcase without taking up any room. With Pristeam Products’ patent pending and eco-friendly electricity-free portable steam system, your problem is solved. Simply hang your wrinkled items in the InstaSteam Garment Holder, put the InstaSteam Pod at the bottom, zip it up, and you’re done! Within minutes your clothes are wrinkle free without having to do any work or risk ruining your clothes with an iron. With InstaSteam, you can now look fresh and be confident on the go.

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