Starting In LA Only...

If you already drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other driving service in Los Angeles, then the InstaSteam affiliate program is a no brainer for you! All you have to do is sign up for the InstaSteam affiliate program, get approved, you pick up some InstaSteam Starter Kits, and you sell away! InstaSteam will pay you a $1.50 commission per unit for the first 20 sold and will up it to $2 a unit after that! It’s that simple!

Extra Cash

Why not make extra cash while doing what you are already doing? When you pick up customers, either from the airport or anywhere else, and you feel like they would be good customers for InstaSteam why not make a commission when you sell them an InstaSteam Starter Kit. You’re basically tipping yourself!

No Extra Work

This program isn’t going to be another job! While doing your current job, you will have InstaSteam Starter Kits in your car and during conversation you can bring up InstaSteam to see if they are interested. It’s that easy! 

Help People

Aside from not doing any extra work and making extra cash, you also have the opportunity to introduce something to people that can make their lives easier as well as make them happy! What more can you ask for than being able to make money and help people at the same time!

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