6 Tips to Help You Save Big on a Family Cruise in 2020



Sign Up for Cruise Line Newsletters

Many cruise lines have their own newsletters that list discounts and deals that are only offered to members who sign up. If you sign up for all the newsletters from your favorite cruise lines, you’ll be the first to know about special sales and onboard incentives.

Skip out on Dry Cleaning

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You can now find InstaSteam on www.instasteampod.comAmazon, eBay and soon to be in multiple retailers, cruise ships and hotels. You can contact The InstaSteam Team on their website, instasteampod.com, or email: info@instasteampod.com

Pick Up a Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards let you book and pay for cruises with rewards points. Some travel credit cards offer portals you can book cruises directly in, while others offer flexible travel credit you can redeem for any cruise of your choice, usually at a rate of one cent per point.

Consider Cruise Lines That Offer Family Cabins

Some cruise lines, including MSC Cruises, offer family cabins or “double cabins” that let you sleep a few families in connecting rooms. These family cabins can be convenient since you get to enjoy adjacent space, but you can also save considerable sums of money when compared to booking multiple cabins on separate itineraries instead.

Book an Interior Room

While it’s totally normal to wish you could book a room with a balcony or even a suite, interior rooms can ring in at up to 40 percent off. You won’t have an exterior window if you book an interior room, meaning you’ll have to leave your room and head to another area of the ship to see the seas roll by. But since you’ll barely be in your room, the savings can be well worth it.

Book Your Own Shore Excursions

You can certainly book shore excursions and day trips directly with your cruise line, but prices tend to be higher if you do. However, most of the same excursions you can find through your ship are also available online through websites like Viator.com. Make sure to price shop to see how much you could save.

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