The World's First Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer

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Ever traveling for business and you're short on time? Well, with InstaSteam, time is on your side. Simply have your business attire looking fresh in a moments notice without doing any work.


Do you want to spend half your vacation standing in your hotel room steaming or ironing? We wouldn't. With InstaSteam, vacation actually means vacation.


Who owns an iron anymore? Well if you do, it's time to get rid of it. Why take the chance of ruining your clothes and having to set up the ironing board? With InstaSteam your clothes can simply be steamed while you're brushing your teeth.


What?! No electrcity or batteries? Ya that's right, there is not one place on earth where InstaSteam won't work.


You're about to witness the next big thing. Ya that's right. InstaSteam will slowly replace every iron in every hotel and home.


In a situation where you need a quick solution to get the wrinkles out of your clothing? Soon enough InstaSteam will be as available as deoderant in retail stores near you.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. InstaSteam is made up of all natural minerals and is completely safe.  The eco-friendly chemical reaction causes water to be transformed into oxygen and hydrogen in the form of steam.  The remaining quicklime powder is ecologically friendly and can be thrown out with minimal impact on our environment. The resulting quicklime is a powder, less toxic than salt or sand.

Each InstaSteam Pod can last up to an hour depending on the circumstances. However, it is best to take advantage of the initial steam that is produced as it starts to die down as time progresses. So, when using the regular InstaSteam Garment Holder, each InstaSteam Pod can steam around 2-3 garments depending on how long each garment needs.

No. InstaSteam is designed to be a quick fix when you are in a rush or traveling. InstaSteam works best on thinner and lighter materials, i.e. dress shirts, dress pants, light shirts, light dresses, light blazers, etc.

The InstaSteam Pod’s are 6.5 by 6.5 inches (small enough to fit into the smallest pocket in your suitcase or backpack) and the Instasteam Garment Holder’s come folded up even smaller than the pods.

After thorough testing and consideration that people might burn themselves, Pristeam Products designed the InstaSteam Pod’s in a way that internally they get hot enough to instantly create steam and on the outside, where the InstaSteam Pod is held, it is simply warm and safe for people to hold. However, just like any other steamer or iron, it might not be a good idea to get too close or touch the steam while it is coming out and to only hold the pack from the sides or the bottom when activated.

Here at Pristeam Products, we realized that it is incredibly inconvenient for people to deal with wrinkled clothing while traveling, but is always a problem. InstaSteam provides a unique, simple and cost-effective way to remove wrinkles in clothing. Flatter than your favorite novel, InstaSteam can easily fit in your suitcase without taking up much room. With InstaSteam’s patent pending and eco-friendly electricity-free portable steam system, your problem is solved. Simply hang your wrinkled items in the InstaSteam Garment Holder, put the InstaSteam Pod at the bottom, zip it up, and you’re done! Within minutes, your clothes are wrinkle-free without having to do any work or risk ruining your clothes with an iron.


•  Eco-Friendly

•  Non-Flammable

•  Electricity-Free

•  Allowed almost anywhere you go

•  Affordable

•  Portable

•  Disposable

•  Reliable

•  Effortless

•  Fast


Irons are not easily portable or convenient to use while travelling.  Portable steamers take time to heat up and require a lot of effort. Dry cleaning or pressing services take time and a lot of money.  Hanging your clothes in the shower uses a lot of water, doesn’t work that well and can make your clothes really wet.

Instasteam is less expensive, faster and more convenient than these alternative solutions and is permitted to take on airplanes and cruise ships.

Yes. We recommend using the InstaSteam Garment Holder because it was designed for the use of InstaSteam and is made of the right material. However, if you happen to have a garment bag that is of the same material and will work just the same you can do so at your own risk.